Anatomy of a Song: “Clumsy”

September 26, 2011


Happy Monday! And welcome to the second post in my continuing series “Anatomy of a Song.” These posts pick apart  some of my favorite songs that happen to have messages relevant to the hilarious disasters of dating. This session’s subject: “Clumsy” by Our Lady Peace. The second single off the band’s second album, Clumsy was way more than just […]

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The (Mis)adventures of Jimmy P.

September 21, 2011


A close friend of mine, Jimmy P., is a pretty interesting guy. He’s tried just about every avenue you could think of to meet women, from hitting on girls at bars to attending events like speed dating and eye gazing parties. He’s met women on just about every major dating site:, eHarmony, OKCupid, Chemistry, and even […]

“You Deserve Better” Part II

September 7, 2011


A recent wakeup call in the dating misadventures of a close friend prompted me to post a follow-up to my earlier post lamenting our shockingly-frequent need to pursue people who, for one reason or another, really aren’t worth pursuing. It isn’t always that they’re bad people. In fact, sometimes they’re actually quite decent human beings, which […]

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Blogs You Should Be Reading: Kissing and Other Disasters

August 19, 2011


Happy Friday, Reader. Fully recognizing that DC hosts quite a few other “dating” blogs that have existed for longer than (and, frankly, do a much better job than) my own. From time to time, then, I may make a quick recommendation for a blog that you may have heard of but haven’t yet started reading regularly. […]

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“You Deserve Better” Part I

August 17, 2011


Hello, Reader. As promised, here’s the first of a two- (or maybe more?) part piece opining on our somewhat self-destructive propensity to pursue people who, quite simply put, don’t deserve our attention. Yet, again and again, we find ourselves drawn to these individuals likes moths to flames. We’ve made this mistake before; we know the sting […]

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Something Light for a Friday Afternoon

August 12, 2011


I often go on for paragraphs and paragraphs, musing about the highs and lows of dating, what we do wrong and why we do it. But sometimes, the most effective advice can come in a short, succinct phrase.  Dating’s tough; deal with it. Sometimes, a picture can convey a point even more effectively. (They are, after all, […]

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Never Stop Learning

August 8, 2011


My deepest apologizes for the extended blogging hiatus. I’ll not insult your intelligence, Reader, by trying to convince you I’m so hard-working that I don’t need a vacation from routine every now and then. Nor will I show you disrespect by promising never, ever to abandon you again. Life comes at you fast, and no […]

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